Aug 2017

« NewsExplore the flavours of Nottingham with a new online food and drink finder

Dining out in Nottingham city centre has never been easier with a new online quiz which recommends the perfect places to eat – all depending on what you fancy and the time of day.

The It’s in Nottingham Food and Drink Finder was launched this month and picks out the perfect culinary choices for guests looking for some foodie inspiration, whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a tasty dessert.

Online guests are asked a variety of questions to discover their hunger cravings and dietary requirements, before the finder gives them a list of suitable restaurants, bars, cafes and venues all located within the city centre.

It’s in Nottingham has launched the online portal as part of its Taste Nottingham scheme, with an aim to help promote the great variety of food and drink establishments in the city.

The quiz begins by asking users whether they need inspiration for breakfast, a dine-in or takeaway lunch, an evening meal, coffee or night out drinks.

Depending on what they initially choose, they are than asked a series of further questions to establish the type of food they fancy and the restaurant environment.

The Food and Drink Finder compiles data from over 250 establishments within Nottingham city centre and includes both well-known chains and local independents serving a variety of dishes such as traditional British grub, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai or Fine Dining.

Andy Crawford, a director of the Nottingham BID, the organisation behind It’s in Nottingham, said: “The Food and Drink Finder is a great source of inspiration for people looking for a new place to try for a bite to eat. We have a unique selection of restaurants, cafes and bars in our city and this way, food fans can simply visit our website, input what they fancy, and discover a list of amazing options.”

Visit www.itsinnottingham.com/tastefinder to take the test.