Jul 2015

« NewsBusinesses Have Voted Overwhelmingly in Favour of a Second BID Term

We are delighted to announce that the Nottingham BID renewal ballot has been a resounding success. We achieved a vote in favour of a second term for the BID of 89% by number and 94% by rateable value. This is far above the 50% threshold required in each to secure a mandate for the BID to continue. The turnout for the ballot was 45%.

The result means that the Nottingham BID has a strong mandate to proceed into the next term spanning 2016-2020.  It will enable the city to benefit from over £5,000,000 of investment over the next five years and we can implement our proposed business plan. Some of the highlights of this are:

  • Over £500,000 being spent on including and promoting Nottingham’s independent businesses.
  • Working with businesses to establish a strong and viable late night trading economy.
  • A digital platform to reconnect web customers with visits to the High Street.
  • The development of the 48 Hours brand into a calendar of signature events for which Nottingham will become known nationally.
  • Engaging with the student population and those who work in the city centre to encourage them to engage with, and take advantage of, all that the city has to offer.

We are extremely pleased that we have such overwhelming support from businesses in the city and we look forward to delivering the services and initiatives that you want, and have asked for, over the next five years.

We would like to thank all the businesses that have supported the BID so far and look forward to delivering bigger and better services to Nottingham over the next BID term.

Click here to view the Business Plan.