Managed City

One of the key objectives of the BID is to improve the city centre experience for visitors and businesses. The BID supports a wide range of initiatives to create a pleasant, safe and accessible environment.

Street Pastors

The Street Pastors scheme has been highly successful, providing valuable on-street support for the city’s night time visitors every Friday and Saturday. We have increased our funding to support this worthwhile initiative.



Taxi Marshalls

We provide Taxi Marshals at key locations across the city and have changed their working pattern to reflect the ever changing consumer behaviours in the city. This means that even more residents, visitors and employees will be able to benefit from the reassurance of using a supervised taxi rank.



Urban Intervention

Creative use of Nottingham’s urban landscapes can enhance the city centre experience and generate national publicity. Taking innovative projects such as Newcastle’s ‘pocket parks’ as inspiration, we will facilitate and support initiatives that reinforce a sense of place and appeal to visitors of all ages.


Grot Spots

Targeting ‘Grot Spots’

We have committed to supporting tactical cleaning resources that can quickly and efficiently target problem areas, including removing chewing gum and cleaning up ‘morning after’ debris.



Transport and Parking Promotions

Public transport and parking costs have had a major influence on footfall. We will build on existing transport offers we have facilitated to ensure Nottingham is competitive with other UK cities and visitors can enjoy cost effective access to the BID area.



Resulting from the exemption for BID businesses from the Late Night Levy, a new Community Safety Partnership has been created to bring together and improve upon the work of the local authority, the police, licensed premises and the BID.